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Creating a home that speaks of your unique character is a lovely creative project. It calls for research, thinking out of the box, and a tinge of adventure. At OwlNest Living, we offer a range of furniture for your dining room, patio and lounge. Among them can be an indoor dining set, cabinets, and buffets – to name but a few.

Our quality pieces, directly sourced from manufacturers, means you will receive the best individual craftsmanship and quality. With a physical and online showroom, you can view each item in detail and inspect to your heart’s content. We have an established reputation as a trustworthy supplier, providing value for money.

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Home dining chairs for every occaion

A fun part of decorating your dining area is finding chairs. Depending on your style, you can opt for more elegant, colourful, unusual, or unique chair designs to play around with. If you have the space, you can further extend the use of chairs with indoor bar stools as a reception area or move them outside if you are hosting a BBQ. You can easily change chairs, fittings, and accessories if you feel the space needs a new look. Here are possible chair options:

Transparent acrylic, or white chairs can create the illusion of more space in a small setting. While a patterned fabric chair can enhance a creative or nature theme.
A chair upholstered with velvet fabric brings an element of luxury to your dining room and can be done in two or three colours for added dramatic effect.

A firm favourite, the oak timber cross back is well suited to any environment. By adding interesting light features, table runners, serviettes, and placemats – it can transform the space into whatever the mood requires.

If space is a problem, using a bench in place of chairs can be useful as you can simply push it in underneath the table. Whatever you decide on, we will ship your indoor dining set from Melbourne to your home.

Choosing a suitable dining table - quick guide

Creating a dining space to share laughter, food, and good times should be an extension of the rest of the house, with many elements adding to a functional yet beautifully designed dining room. The table is just the start, but the centrepiece, so we share our thoughts on how to choose a suitable table:

  • Evaluate the space. Round tables work better for smaller spaces and take up less space, while a square dining table can create a more structured look. Rectangular tables enhance the idea of flow in a narrow room, making it seem bigger.
  • Number of guests. How often do you entertain, and how many guests? The manufacturer will suggest a suitable number of people for the table. Use this guide to ensure that each guest has adequate space to sit and eat comfortably. Remember to take the distance between the table and the wall into consideration, and well, 30cm should be sufficient for a small space.
  • Remember to think about space for the food on the table. Consider a bigger option if you regularly lay out a spread for friends or foresee a new craft project taking up space.
    Last but not least, choose a colour for your dining set. Wood and white are popular options because of their versatility. Indoor dining furniture can be mixed and matched with different styles and paired with coloured chairs.

About OwlNest Living

Our business brings timeless furniture pieces into your home: pieces that speak of character and comfort. We pride ourselves in providing quality pieces made of high-quality materials sourced directly from the makers to ensure a trouble-free experience.

Our range includes pieces for every room of the house: bedroom, office, living room and dining room. We are Sydney & Melbourne based, with nationwide shipping. Our showroom is also open, but we would love it if you could please make a booking by phoning us or using our Contact Us and Facebook page so we can schedule a guide through our showroom and ensure social distancing and a sanitised environment. Contact us now, to make quality furniture pieces part of your home.