A Buyers Guide to Choosing the Perfect Multipurpose Cabinet

Multipurpose cabinets

Good storage solutions are a key part of keeping your house feeling open and clutter-free. The right cupboard or cabinet will match your house perfectly, and being organized keeps your house looking and feeling elegant. To capture this feeling, it is essential to choose the right option for your home.

We’ve put together a guide to help you select the best storage solutions for every room in your house:

What are Multipurpose Cabinets?

Multipurpose cabinets refer to any cabinet (and more broadly open shelving units) that is designed as a general storage solution, but not tailor-made to one purpose (e.g. not a TV cabinet). They’re helpful to arrange and organize anything that is not being used, keeping it out of the way, and making the home feel open and inviting. You can find multipurpose cabinets all around the house, from the office to the closet or kitchen they can be used anywhere that you want to bring some order to your life. Good storage cabinets that are fit for purpose are a cornerstone of interior design.

What to Think About When Buying a Storage Cabinet:

To make it easy we’ve put together a list of the 5 things to consider when selecting a storage solution for your home:

1. Consider Your Needs

Before going to buy any storage cabinet, always check what you need to store in it first. If you plan to store a lot of things, look at bigger cabinets, also consider if anything you are story is heavy, tall, or an unusual shape and take a tape measure with you when you go looking. Once you know what you are planning to store you can look only at cabinets that will be suitable for the job.

2. Consider a Display Cabinet

Display cabinet

If you have valuables, jewelry, framed photos, crystal glassware, or something else you want to show off then a display cabinet is ideal. Display cabinets are particularly great in a living area or as a backdrop to a large dining room. They let you protect your treasured possessions from dust, pets, and children’s hands while still being able to enjoy looking at them. Always opt for a larger display cabinet than you think you will need as over-crowing items on display will ruin the aesthetic appeal.

3. Do You Need Open Shelves?

An open shelf cabinet (or ladder shelf rack) is similar to a display cabinet, but items on display are not shielded behind glass. Open-shelf options often feature an arrangement of cubes or storage cubbies and are great for storing items of lower value, or where you expect to use the items a lot. Open cabinets are common in bedrooms and bathrooms for keeping essentials in a stylish and convenient way. As with all display cabinets, the key to a great presentation is to avoid overcrowding.

4. Get More Benchtop Space with a Sideboard


A very popular option right now is sideboards, typically a sideboard provides a wide, flat-top bench with cupboards or draws underneath. Sideboards are excellent in dining areas and hallways but can be used anywhere. They come in a range of styles, with stained wood being a common choice.

Sideboards are simple, yet provide a sense of timeless luxury and are a great place for storing dining room extras such as serving dishes, platters, fine china, and silverware. They are increasingly being used in bedrooms too to hold commonplace bedroom essentials too. With the addition of a benchtop mirror, they can make a gorgeous stand-in for a dresser. Wherever you choose to use a sideboard, it is sure to give your house a classic organized look.

5. Match Your Décor and Style

The final consideration is the finish, shape, and style of your chosen storage solution. Choose a color and design that will compliment your current décor, in this way your storage solution will be a stunning addition that completes the look of the room.


How you store things affects how you use them. Choosing the right storage option will not only make your house look stunning, but it will also make your life easier. Likewise, the wrong storage solution can ruin both the aesthetic of your room and make using anything in storage seem tedious. Regardless of what you choose to store, the golden rule is to never overcrowd your storage. While this is especially true for display cabinets, enclosed cabinets will affect how easy it is to take things in and out which will affect how often and how much you enjoy using your new purchase. Keep these points in mind and you will have a beautifully organized house that will be the envy of all your guests.